Here are the Frequently Asked Questions we get about SUP Yoga and our classes: 


What is SUP?

SUP stands for Standup Paddle board.


What is Bring Your Own Gear (BYOG)? 

–  We wanted to allow people who have their own gear to join our classes at a discounted rate. In order to qualify for BYOG, you must bring all of the following to class.

  • Paddleboard
  • Paddle
  • Personal floatation device (PFD)
  • Anchor with 25′ of line.

If you happened to book a class under the BYOG option but do not have the required gear, please let us know before class and we can get you setup to take the class.

I bought an anchor and rope but am not sure how to set it up?

Don’t worry. Show up to class a little early and we can help you get it setup.

What should I bring/wear for class?

–         Wear quick-dry, comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting wet; shorts, yoga pants, swimsuits, tank tops, rash guards whatever feels comfortable for you. Avoid cotton and, if wearing a swimsuit, do a couple of down dogs to make sure you are comfortable with the coverage.

–         Reusable water bottle

–         Reef safe sunscreen

–         Sunglasses

–         Towel

–         Dry clothes for after class

         A parking pass if your location requires one (Clear Lake & Bowman’s Bay require a WA Discover Pass)

Will I get wet?

Yes! Your feet and lower legs will get wet when we take the boards in and out of the water. Water will lap on the sides of the board at times and there is always a possibility of falling in either intentionally or accidentally.  

Do I need to have SUP experience to take a class?

No, our classes are beginner-friendly and we provide clear instruction on paddling basics and techniques.   

Do I need to have yoga experience to take a class?

Yoga experience is not required but familiarity is recommended.  Classes offer options for new and experienced level yogis, having familiarity with basic yoga poses will allow you to focus on your breath and movement and make your class more enjoyable.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes. We require that clients are able to swim for the safety of all students. The life jackets we use are stored on the boards for emergency use and only offer floatation when activated/inflated.  Our instructors are trained in first aid and SUP rescue and are prepared to ensure everyone has a fun and safe experience on the water.

How long are classes?

Depending on the class, it varies. Our regular SUP yoga and SUP classes are 105 min, we suggest giving yourself 10 min before class to park and meet up with your instructor. This includes 10-20 mins paddling and a full SUP yoga session.  Our longer excursions like Baker Lake and Bioluminescence are usually around 3 hours long. 

Can I bring a camera?

We will take photos during class so you don’t have to worry about it.  We provide dry bags during our classes and you are welcome to bring your phone or camera along at your own risk. Photos will be posted after class via the Mermaid Yoga Facebook page.  For private sessions, photos will be sent via a private drive.

What if it rains?

In the event of inclement weather, your instructor will contact you at least two hours before class to notify you of any cancellation. Causes for cancellation are winds over 7 mph and substantial rain. We watch the weather closely in the days and hours leading up to our classes. In the event that we cancel your class, we will gladly reschedule or provide a refund.

Where should I park?

Clear Lake: Park at the boat launch on the north side of the lake (location is pinned on our SUP Locations page).

Lake Whatcom: Park near the Sudden Valley Marina and dog park.  (location is pinned on our SUP Locations page).

Bowman’s Bay: Park at the Bowman’s Bay boat launch (location is pinned on our SUP Locations page).

Baker Lake: Park in any of the parking spots in the Horseshoe cove campground boat launch. (Location is pinned on the SUP locations page)

Do you have storage for my valuables?

We provide 5 L dry bags for our clients during our SUP yoga classes.  Dry bags are “use at your own risk” and we recommend limiting the valuables you bring out on the water.

Is there an age minimum to participate in classes?

Yes, our minimum age for participating in the group SUP yoga classes is 14.  Please contact us to schedule a private class for kids under 14.


Bioluminescence Tours: 

What should I bring on bioluminescence tours? 

A water bottle, a towel, dry clothes (just in case), your phone if you want, booties, and we highly recommend booties and a wetsuit if you have one.


Please reach out to us at info@mermaidyoga.studio if you have a question we haven’t answered.